Dr. Richard Lozano

Board Certification: Cytopathology;  Anatomic & Clinical Pathology Cytopathology

Fellowship training: Gyn Pathology & Cytopathology @ UAB-Birmingham

Additional Training: GI Pathology @ U of Cincinnati

Specialty Interests: GI Path, GYN Path, Cytology, Informatics

Dr. Lozano has served as director of the Cytology department for most of his career.  His main interests are in GYN Pathology where he has recent publications on the impact of new technologies, detection of glandular lesions and detection of cervical cancer.  He also serves on several medical advisory boards focused on Women's health issues.  Dr. Lozano's manic personality also keeps him busy in GI Pathology.  He received additional training in GI Pathology at the University of Cincinnati in 2003.  He serves on The Bluegrass Coalition of Colorectal Cancer, and is active in the Lexington Gastroenterology Community.  His spare time is spent in Medical Informatics.  He is working hard on implementing Web Based reporting and interfacing  Pathology into office EMR's and hospital informatics systems.